What We Do
» What We Do :

FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers - San Francisco is a medical and scientific-based physical therapy, balance, and fitness clinic with a broad range of expertise. Spelled differently because we are different!  With our holistic and caring approach, our goal at FYZICAL is to help you discover how to achieve your optimal health and wellness goals and to attain your desired mobiity and fitness objectives.

Our Therapy Team

Our physical therapists have advanced clinical education and training, specialty certifications, and significant experience providing hands-on healing – with an emphasis on establishing whole-body wellness. FYZICAL's therapists continually respond to advances in research, technology, science, and health care. 

Our Clinic

FYZICAL - San Francisco is complete with state-of-the-art strength and cardio equipment for treating orthopedic and neurological conditions, sports injuries, balance disorders as well as those troublesome minor aches and pains we all experience. We also offer a small group, by-appointment Fitness Training Program with a personal trainer.

Having top-notch equipment enables our therapists to design advanced and effective rehabilitation, balance, and fitness programs. We hope you will feel right at home in our newly designed clinic with four private treatment rooms and a lofty gym with 12-foot ceiings. Our staff is ready and waiting to introduce you to the FYZICAL experience today.

Our Vision

  • To be the therapy provider of choice for orthopedic, neurologic, and geriatric disorders for the patients, physicians, and community we serve

Our Mission

  •  To provide results-oriented therapy, balance, and fitness services in a professional and caring     environment  


  • To empower patients to take control of their recovery and wellness through direct access to therapy, balance, and fitness services 

To Realize Our Vision and Mission, We Will:

  •  Provide a professional and caring  environment that is conducive to maximum healing of body,   mind, and spirit
  •  Develop a therapy program and plan of care that is designed to suit your individual needs
  •  Utilize a hands-on approach that is recognized to help relieve pain and enhance mobility
  •  Work together with you and your physician to provide optimum care that will enable you to return   to your highest level of pain-free function in the shortest time possible