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Physicals: (DOT - FMCSA and NON-DOT)

Dept. of transportation (DOT) FMCSA physicals for truck drivers.  

A physical will help in identifying any movement dysfunction or risk of injury that your employee may have before starting the position. One of our San Marcos, TX physical therapists will evaluate your employee's strength, balance, flexibility, mobility, and body awareness during the exam, in order to determine his or her performance. This will help in better understanding how your employee moves, before starting at your company.

If you are interested in Physicals (DOT and Non-DOT), please Contact FYZICAL San Marcos PC today in San Marcos & Wimberley, TX.

Practitioner: Dr. Kirk G Painter National Registry Number: 3756146612

Questions about your FMCSA regulations:

What to expect:

  1. The complete test is 35-45 min.  We are very thorough and will check the below and more.
    1. Eyes, eardrums, heart, lungs, blood pressure, pulse, skin will be examined
    2. Please make sure your blood pressue is < 140/90 when coming in, if at all possible. 
    3. Bring all medical information/history and previous certification restrictions to our attention.
    4. We will check vision, so bring your glasses or wear contacts
    5. We will check your hearing, so bring hearing aids.
    6. There are physical aspects to the test, so dress appropriately.

  Thank you in advance!  We look forward to seeing you!

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