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Dancer Conditioning

Dance-Specific Conditioning

Dance-specific conditioning sessions are a service uniquely offered at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Southeast South Dakota. This program was designed by leading dance medicine specialist, Ruth Scott. Our program continuously enhanced to reflect the latest in the industry and it is competitive with some of the most comprehensive conditioning programs in the country.

Ruth has extensive experience working with professional dancers of various fields including professional ballet dancers, professional contemporary dancers, dancers on competitive college dance teams, and more. Ruth has dedicated herself to the advancement of the art form by generating cutting edge opportunities for dancers to receive customized physical therapy and conditioning plans from those who deeply understand the demands of the dancer's body. 

Dancers require cross training that is specifically designed to address deficits in the athlete's training as well as strategically build to avoid overuse injuries.  Dancer's tissue is made of very elastic material compared to that of other athletes so it takes special care to effectively strengthen and stabilize a dancer's body without creating injury. Our conditioning sessions are carried out by a team of certified exercise physiologists and in addition, a professional dancer who is certified in Pilates. 

Dancers train with us from all over the country whether it is in-person at one of our clinics or online via virtual platforms.  Some dancers train independently and others train with us in small groups.  Many dancers come to us healthy while others come to us when they realize they have a reoccurring injury due to weakness or underlying conditions.  If a dancer comes to us with an injury, we encourage an appointment with one of our dance medicine physical therapists to determine the source of the pain before moving forward with conditioning sessions. Once we have an understanding of what the injury might be, we work closely with the physical therapist to progress the conditioning plan. Our dance medicine team is able to design the program that works best for you.  

Conditioning Sessions Serve to:

  • Improve balance
  • Gain flexibility and endurance
  • Improve vertical
  • Enhance agility 
  • Improve overall technique
  • Give each dancer a competitive advantage 
  • Prepare a dancer to dance on a college dance team 
  • Assist a dancer in their journey to joining a professional company
  • Educate dancers to properly care for their bodies
  • Help dancers reach their goals
  • Instill mental endurance necessary to achieve great things in life
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