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Core Values

Our centers have a professional, friendly, and inviting atmosphere 


FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers are a value-based organization specifically designed around two guiding principles: 
  1. Achieving the best possible results for each of our patients and 
  2. Providing an exceptional patient experience. 


FYZICAL is proud to be the leader in outpatient rehabilitative care, physical health and wellness. From Sports Medicine and Orthopedics to Balance, Dizziness and Wellness services, FYZICAL provides a path to optimal physical health. 


Clinical excellence, a hospitality focus, team work, personal and professional growth, humility and selflessness, and integrity. These are among some of the essential ingredients that form the foundation on which FYZICAL has been built.


At FYZICAL Tulsa/Owasso you will find some of the most highly skilled clinicians. Achieving clinical excellence is an active component of FYZICAL’s core values. From working toward manual therapy certifications of various discipline, and our in-house continuing education program, our team actively embraces a culture of clinical excellence every day.


FYZICAL is changing the way outpatient physical therapy, rehabilitation and balance care are practiced. Cutting-edge innovation and an exceptional patient experience allow our team of expert practitioners to serve our clients in a manner that was previously unimaginable. 


To prevent people from falling and deliver greater physical health, wellness, & lifelong vitality to every man, women, and child.