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» Featured Article: VeryWellFit

Featured Article: VeryWellFit

Featured Article: VeryWellFit

FYZICAL Blog Featured in Article

Our CEO, Shari Ritzmann, PT, has been featured in an article titled "What Happens to Your Body When You Run or Walk In Shoes That Don't Fit Properly?" on Written by Rachel MacPherson, BA, CPT and reviewed by Michele Stanten, ACE-GFI, they reference the blog Ritzmann wrote about proper shoe fitting and foot mechanics. The article emphasizes:
Properly fitting shoes also provide appropriate shock absorption to help maintain your joint health, says Shari Ritzmann, PT, a physical therapist and owner of FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Westminster and Northglenn. When your shoes fit well, you'll function more effectively with fewer injuries and challenges.
The article imputs Ritzmann's and another Physical Therapist's expertise while giving advice on how to tell whether a shoe fits you properly, as well as potential complications of ill-fitting shoes. Your shoes can either make or break your foot mechanics in terms of support, structure, and type of shoe:
Your shoes provide the infrastructure and support your body needs, and they play a critical role in your overall functioning, Ritzmann says. "It’s essential that your shoes provide proper support to be able to uphold the foundation of your joints and muscles in your lower quarter.

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Regardless of your activity level, your shoes play a large impact on the way your feet move and the complications that can follow. If you are having foot or ankle pain, don't wait to fix the issue. Call 303.561.0447 to schedule an appointment today!
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