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C- Section scar release

C- Section (Cesarean) scar release therapy (SRT) is a highly effective scar reduction treatment that addresses both chronic pain and dermal scarring that can occur post-surgery.  SRT, using the latest advances in science, is based upon the concept of applying Microcurrent Point Stimulation (Mps) to increase the skin’s inter-cellular metabolism, protein synthesis and healing functioning to allow the skin to self-generate. 

Did you know that 1.3 million C-sections are performed in the United States each year? Sadly, scarring from surgery can impact the body in negative ways.   This post-operative C-section scarring can block the movement of circulation and energy which can interfere with health and wellness creating an environment for sickness and pain.

Not surprisingly, scientific research has been published showing Chronic Post-Surgical Pain (CPSP), back pain, shoulder pain and neuropathic pain can all be linked to C-Sections. 

In a recently published study, only 10% of patients experiencing Pain reported pain at the scar site.  80% of patients reported suffering from pain far-removed from the C-Section site (OGN 2019). 

Study Facts:  40 % of C-Section patients experienced Chronic Back Pain, 20% of C-Section patients experienced Shoulder/Neck pain. 

How does SRT work? The technique involves the application of a safe low level direct current electrical impulse which can help to relax and fade scar tissue, and more importantly, reduce restrictions and adhesions in the connective tissue, improving the ability to move with less pain.

Examples of scars that we often treat are those from breast augmentation or reduction, mastectomy, C-Sections, removal of deep moles or skin lesions, facelifts, trauma scars, total hip replacement scars, and tummy tucks.

No matter how old the scar is, we can usually make significant improvements in appearance, color, soreness, and tissue mobility.  The number of sessions needed to decrease pain and visually improve the scar’s appearance is determined by the depth and healing capacity of the scar. 

Learn more about C-Section scar release therapy at: https://www.dolphinmps.com/c-section-scar-release-therapy/