Dolphin Deep Vagal Nerve Stimulation (dVNS) Post Covid-19 Treatment

» Dolphin Deep Vagal Nerve Stimulation (dVNS) Post Covid-19 Treatment

Dolphin Deep Vagal Nerve Stimulation (dVNS) Post Covid-19 Treatment

Though officially reported COVID case counts and hospitalizations continue to decline, health care workers are reporting a growing number of patients with long-term effects of COVID. It is estimated that the effects of post COVID or Long COVID are affecting one in 18 Minnesota adults (MPR). For people struggling with loss of health and function, the question becomes, where can patients with lingering, debilitating symptoms, post COVID, find help?

The Center for Pain and Stress Research, Toronto, Ontario, Canada reports that all the neurological disorders reported by Long-COVID patients are “directly related in science to prolonged sympathetic upregulation and/or low vagal tone”. Reducing stress to enhance vagal tone can be an answer.

Dolphin deep Vagal Nerve Stimulation (dVNS) has been shown to do just that. It is a non-invasive direct current electrical stimulation which is applied to 2 key application areas of the ear. DVNS addresses the role of sympathetic stress activation in the disease process by mediating and modulating the immune response of inflammatory processes in the body. DVNS is found to be far superior to other forms of electrical stimulation/vagal tone enhancement. The dVNS approach guarantees a stronger vagal tone enhancement than traditional VNS approaches. It is reported in science to reduce Sympathetic Stress and improve Vagal Tone within a single 10-minute session (Med Acupuncture, 2016, JCAM 2019).

The following are some of the more common complaints Long-COVID patients report: Headache 68%, Muscle pain 55%, Dizziness 47%, Fatigue 85%, Insomnia 33%.