Pilates Reformer Exercise (Medical Pilates)

» Pilates Reformer Exercise (Medical Pilates)

Pilates Reformer Exercise (Medical Pilates)

Pilates at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center offers a tailored plan with our Pilates Reformer to improve patient care and rehabilitation. This means that you will be in a safe environment with a knowledgeable therapist to guide you through your Pilates exercises. Our therapist has worked with clients of all abilities.

'Reformer' exercise is designed to develop controlled movement that allows the therapist and patient to focus on the quality of movement and movement patterns, while emphasizing the concepts of core strength, breathing, neutral spine, and centering. Use of the Reformer during exercise allows the physical therapist to easily modify/adjust for the patient's fitness ability or physical dysfunction, by fine-tuning the use of springs and adjusting body position.

The health benefits of Pilates include:

Here at FYZICAL, our therapists are passionate about the transformative potential for each person using the Pilates method.