Ideas for Preventing Fall-Related Injuries Among Children

Ideas for Preventing Fall-Related Injuries Among Children

When we think of falling, we usually think of falls occurring with older adults. However, fall-related injuries are a leading cause of injury hospitalizations among children ages 0-14. Falls can result in serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI), fractures and even death.

Take a look at this easy In-Home Safety Check:

Does your home have:

  • Unsafe stairs?
  • Broken or missing railings?
  • Night lights in halls or walkways?
  • Poor lighting on stairways?
  • Tripping hazards such as electrical cords, toys, or household items?
  • Throw rugs?
  • Spills that go unwiped?


Consider the following actions to reduce the risk of a fall:

  • Use child safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs.
  • Remove electrical cords from walkways.
  • Remove newspapers and phone cords from walkways.
  • Use night lights.
  • Use safety straps to secure your child in strollers, shopping carts and infant carriers.
  • When using infant carriers, make sure they are secure.
  • Remove, repair or secure any loose flooring materials such as rugs and carpeting.
  • Immediately clean up spilled liquids grease or food.
  • Avoid allowing your child to use/climb on chairs and stools to reach high items.


These are by no means a complete list of conditions that may create a hazard for your child. They are offered as suggestions for you to evaluate the risk of falls in your home and potential strategies /actions to take to reduce the risk of falls.

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