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The Future of Care

FYZICAL’s proven success in healthcare begins with trust... the trust that our patient-centered approach has helped build among patients and peers within local communities like yours. Consistent, manageable growth alongside the sort of freedom and independence that made your practice the community leader in localized health… this is the sort of leadership that the FYZICAL brand seeks as we expand our network of next-generation care providers. You are the future of our collective brand of care. 

Patient-Centered Growth

So how do we improve patient care while maintaining steady operational growth for your practice? By placing the patient back at the center… and the beginning of the care we provide. Positioning our therapists closer to the front line of the healthcare chain, we have helped reduce costs and wait time for countless thousands of patients across the country. And through acute specialist referrals, we have helped build on the trust we’ve earned in the communities we serve. FYZICAL’s brand of whole-body care is one you can build off of too. 

The Partner you Can Trust

As patients and peers in our community become more aware of the benefits of physical therapy, they’re also becoming more familiar with FYZICAL’s national brand and whole-body approach to health and wellness. Whether it’s an innovation in technology-assisted mobility retraining or our patient-centered focus on diagnosis and pain management, the FYZICAL brand is built on trust and hands-on involvement in the patient’s overall care. With this in mind, we can provide care assistance with: 

  • Fall risk ID, prevention & management 
  • Chronic mobility disorders 
  • Worker's compensation/Legal 
  • Dizziness/Dysequilibrium 
  • Pharmacological/Ototoxicity 
  • Vestibular disorders (e.g., BBPV) 
  • Adolescent balance disorders 
  • Sports medicine (enhanced perform.) 
  • Head injuries/Concussion 
  • Movement disorders 
  • Spinal Cord Injury 
  • Amputee rehabilitation 
  • Aviation medicine 
  • Cerebral vascular 
  • Chemical toxicity 
  • Neurogenerative diseases 

Our referral process is simple and we can help your patient fulfill their overall health and wellness objectives with one or many of our physical therapy, wellness and rehabilitation services. Please have the patient contact us today and we will get them started.

physician writing a referral for patients