Safety Overhead Support System For Vestibular Therapy

» Safety Overhead Support System For Vestibular Therapy

What is the Safety Overhead Support System (S.O.S.)?

S.O.S. is an overhead harness support system consisting of an overhead track and moveable trolly that allows the patient, while secured in a simple body harness, the freedom to ambulate, perform functional types of activities, and fall with minimal risk of injury.

Modern Technology for Balance Therapy

One of the greatest predictors for success with balance and vestibular therapy is centered around how much challenge a patient can be provided. If you ask any therapist, they will tell you that using a gait belt is NOT a fool proof technique, and that the degree of challenge is restricted based on fear of the patient falling. Not only does the therapist restrict challenge based on this fear, but the patient also restricts their participation due to an overwhelming fear of falling themselves. Whether a disease process, injury, or after surgery, the S.O.S. can help prevent fear, injury, increased time in therapy, and poorer outcomes.

Less Fear of Falling. More Confidence.

At FYZICAL Ballantyne we have changed the way balance and vestibular therapy is performed. Our clinic offers a safety overhead support system which utilizes body harnesses suspended from a rail system and acts as a full body weight supporting system for if a patient were to fall. What does that mean? We are able to challenge a patient appropriately to achieve the best possible results with balance and vestibular function without the therapist being fearful, and even better, without the patient having a fear of falling. It is amazing what can be accomplished when the fear component is eliminated and how quickly fall risk reduces when degree of challenge is no longer the main limiting factor.