» Pilates

Pilates at Fyzical Campbell offers something for everybody. Our studio is connected to our clinic, so our Pilates Instructors work closely with our Physical Therapists every day on patient care and rehabilitation. This means that you will be in a safe enviroment with knowledgeable instructors to guide you through your Pilates exercises. Our instructors have worked with clients of all abilities, from stroke patients to seasoned athletes. Our particular speciality is working with patients who have chronic pain or patients who have been previously injured in an exercise class and need a little more one on one attention before they can return to regular classes. All of our sessions are one-on-one, private sessions, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour. Private sessions ensure that you as a patient, have the instructor's full undivided attention and are able to exercise at the pace that is right for you. We offer Prenatal Pilates, Pilates for golf, and can tailor a personalized program to meet your needs. 

The health benefits of Pilates include:

  • Improved flexibility 
  • Increased muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdonimal muscles, lower back, hips, and buttocks
  • Balanced musclar strength on both sides of your body
  • Enhanced muscular control of your back and limbs
  • Improved stabilization of  your spine 
  • Improved posture 
  • Rehabilitation or prevention of injuries related to muscle imbalances
  • Improved physical coordination and balance
  • Relaxation of your shoulders, neck, and upper back
  • Increased body awareness
  • Stress management and relaxation 
  • Prevention of musculoskeletal injuries
  • Increased lung capacity and circulation through deep breathing
  • Improved concentration