Cancer Warrior (Oncologic Therapy)

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Cancer Warrior (Oncologic Therapy)

FYZICAL Rehabs Cancer Warriors (Oncologic Therapy)

There are not many diseases more terrible than Cancer. And if the cancer wasn’t bad enough, often times the cure can be worse. It leaves patients weak and wounded. It takes a special amount of fight in your gut to wage war against this Dark Lord.

FYZICAL has been treating and rehabbing cancer patients since 1988. We know the road is rough, but getting back to living life again is worth the fight. It’s common for these patients to have difficulty walking, difficulty in standing, difficulty with getting out being social due to weakness

Physical therapists help in cancer patients by treating the impairments or problems that come up with the treatment and disease of cancer.

Weakness and difficulty with walking and other tasks are very common. It’s important to address the weakness and lack of strength, but also to understand the mechanics of what else could be holding back the walking. Often times the tissues are very scarred and affected from the various types of cancer treatments.

Lymphadema is very commonly followed by cancer treatment is is alleviated and successfully treated by specialized Physical Therapists.

Every patient at FYZICAL begins a customized specific exercise plan for their unique situation. There is no other you!