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What is Knee Kinesiography?

Knee Kinesiography, performed by the KneeKG™ system is "Designed to be for the knee as an Electrocardiogram is for the heart".

Knee pain occurs when the joint is in motion.  Knee Kinesiography accurately and objectively assesses complete movement of the knee. With this information, your clinician will be able to develop a personalized treatment plan to help you with your knee pain. 

What Exactly Does Knee Kinesiography Measure and Why?

Knee Kinesiography, performed by the KneeKG™  system, accurately and objectively assesses complete movement of the knee to help healthcare professionals understand pain and symptoms - much like an electrocardiogram does for the heart.

Within 15 minutes, it provides a 3D dynamic assessment of the knee to aid in diagnosing pathologic patterns and provide objective information to develop a focused treatment strategy.

Patients will also have an increased understanding of their knee functions and deficits which gives them the opportunity to become more actively involved in the management of their issues. 

Who Would Benefit From a KneeKG Evauation?

Knee kinesiography can help people suffering from:

– Osteoarthritis
– Knee Pain
– Ligament or Meniscal Injuries
– Anterior Knee Pain / Patellofemoral Syndrome

**Note: The KneeKG™ knee kinesiography is not a treatment, but rather a dynamic test aimed at providing an exercise report adapted to the patient’s condition. The physiotherapists and technicians of Fyzical El Paso-Northeast are certified technicians of the KneeKG™.

How Does The Process Work?

We start with a Physiotherapy Assessment to determine suitability for the KneeKG Testing. The second visit will consist of the KneeKG™ evaluation. In a third meeting, we present our analysis of the report findings and the exercises related to it. After that, personalized follow-up is established according to each patients’ needs.

To schedule a KneeKG Assessment, call Fyzical El Paso or simply fill up this form, and one of our clinicians will contact you in the next 48 hours.

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