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FYZICAL Education Workshops

2020 Workshops:

January 21   Provo Clinic    Back Pain & Sciatica   

January 21   Ogden Clinic   Balance & Fall Prevention

January 28   Ogden Clinic   Back Pain & Sciatica

February 18  Provo Clinic    Back Pain & Sciatica        

February 18  Ogden Clinic   Shoulder Pain and Dysfunction

March 17       Provo Clinic    Back Pain & Sciatica    

March 17       Ogden Clinic   Knee Pain    

April 21         Online/Web    Back Pain & Sciatica       at 1 PM     

May 19          Online/Web    Back Pain & Sciatica      at 1 PM

June 16          Online/Web    Back Pain & Sciatica       at 1PM 

July 21          Online/Web     Back Pain & Sciatica       at 1 PM

August 18      Online/Web     Back Pain & Sciatica       at 1 PM     

September 15 Online/Web     Back Pain & Sciatica       at 1 PM  

October 6      Online/Web    Knee Pain                       at 1 PM       Register

October 20    Online/Web    Back Pain & Sciatica      at 1 PM       Register

More to come….Stay Tuned


We are invested in your health and we want to bring true value to you and your family. We are happy to share these free, live, educational workshops.

We are bringing you these workshops because we want to empower everyone to better understand what’s causing their pain and what they can do to help it.