In-Home PT

» In-Home PT

One consistent theme within the FYZICAL Raleigh vision, is the establishment and maintenance of an all-inclusive rehabilitation model.  Unfortunately, there are many factors that make it challenging for patients to consistently attend scheduled appointments, including:

  • limited mobility
  • cost of transportation
  • unreliable public transportation
  • medication prohibiting ability to drive
  • inclement weather
  • Poor night vision

In attempt to correct this, we have decided to bridge the gap by offering homecare services.  For those patients whose injuries and conditions prohibit mobility, we will offer the convenient option of an Fyzical provider coming to them.  In-home PT offers many advantages, as it will be significantly easier to maximize safety and function by direct observation and training within a familiar environment.  Our goal is to promote and restore independence, so that the patient will soon be able to attend appointments in the traditional clinical setting.