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Movement Enhancement Project

Movement Education for Longevity


This is a medically based personal training program that combines functional movement/positions, yoga, strength training, and movement education. It aims to fill the gap between injury rehabilitation and achieving a desired level of function beyond physical therapy goals as well as catering to anyone who wants to learn about movement. This includes how to move in ways the human body was designed such as squatting, lifting, balancing on one leg, reaching overhead, and getting up from and lowering to the floor safely. A comprehensive, progressive, and/or modified movement program is created for the participant’s specific ability level and goals. Tenets of this program include exercise and knowledge as preventative medicine and preparation for life. With a deeper understanding of movement, participants develop the agency to create healthy movement choices in their daily activity. This approach is collaborative, skilled, and individualized to meet your needs.


Zach Wilson Physical Therapy Assistant, Registered Yoga Teacher


Flexibility: Total joint range of motion

Mobility: Active movement throughout joint range of motion

Strength: The ability to recruit muscles to resist force

Functional Positions: Hands and knees, kneeling, kneeling with one foot forward, sitting cross legged, standing on one leg, lying on belly with upper body propped up on elbows

Movement Patterns: Squat, lunge, hip hinge/deadlift, push up, active spinal arching, reaching overhead, getting up from and down to the floor

What does participation in this program looks like?

 One-on-One Sessions: $70 per one hour session


-FREE 45-minute consultation (medical history review, goal setting, movement assessment, and current movement routine review)

-Personalized exercise program handout with pictures

 *Optimal Package: Free initial consultation plus 12 sessions, 2x per week for 6 weeks *