FYZICAL Difference

» FYZICAL Difference

When it comes to pain resolution or performance improvement, it’s much more difficult to make progress if you’re treated in pieces. Treated as though the trouble you are experiencing can somehow be isolated, ‘fixed’ and the problem will magically go away.

That’s not how your human body works.

People are tired of being treated in pieces.

Frustrated by a lack of results, when that is the approach.

Using an innovative blend of both Eastern and Western philosophies and techniques, we treat you as a whole. Body, mind, spirit, all contributing to both the troubles you know and the potential for healing them.

We take our time, because it takes time to determine what will work for you.

There is no cookbook. No two bodies are the same and they should not be treated as such. We evaluate each patient, and see what works for them. It’s a science and an art.

Two Faces of Physical Therapy

We specialize in what you might think of as the two faces of physical therapy…

  • Calming down, even eliminating, pain, so you can feel better and focus on brighter days ahead.
  • Improving physical performance. Why stop hoping for, and reaching for, improvements? Using advanced techniques, we can help you become stronger and more balanced, with greater range of motion and better mind-body awareness.

Trusted by Patients and Doctors

Ours is a physical therapy clinic trusted by patients and respected by local doctors. Fully 100 percent of patients previously treated at another clinic say they would choose to return to FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers for future treatments.

Time for You

When was the last time you felt unhurried at a medical appointment? At FYZICAL, you get the undivided attention of a healing professional. Including time to ask questions.

Slow down. Unlock your body’s desire to be stronger. It takes expertise and experience to provide this kind of physical therapy.

And that is the FYZICAL difference.