Improve Performance

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Want to Improve Performance?

Very few people realize that the therapists at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers are specialists in helping you improve performance.

It’s a matter of doing the things you want to do, and doing them better!

Moving toward unlimited movement, unrestricted movement. Think about what it would be like to move freely, to have that flowing golf swing of your youth, or go for a nice, long walk without stopping to rest. Freedom of movement unlocks confidence and a more positive outlook.

“People limit themselves, in terms of what they’re willing to try, because they’re afraid of what might happen,” says Jan Hanson, PT, owner. “When we get them to move beyond that, they discover a much better life.”

At FYZICAL, we use a state-of-the-art Pilates Reformer machine, and the training to integrate its practice into your therapy. That, and the rest of our wide variety of techniques.
Think of it as “Movement Improvement” therapy.

Think of FYZICAL when you wish you could do more.