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Chronic Back Pain

Back Pain Physical Therapy Katy TX

Back Pain Physical Therapy Katy TX

Low back pain is widespread. Most people experience it at least once in their lifetime. But back pain is even more common today as more of us work or study using computers or hunch over tablets or smartphones longer each day. For most people, the pain is temporary. 

But back pain can become long-lasting (chronic) if a person has ongoing poor posture and body mechanics, unstable core muscles, ongoing walking (gait) issues, or if under stress and/or depressed.

So, millions of Americans suffer from back pain, impacting their quality of life that can even lead to long-term disability. Here at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers, we offer back pain physical therapy for relief in Katy, TX.

Low back pain can happen anywhere below the ribs and above the legs. The lower back bears most of the body’s weight. Therefore, there can be many causes for pain, such as injury, aging, pregnancy, herniated disc, compression fractures, joint issues, illness, genetic spine issues and overuse.

The first step to back pain relief is a comprehensive evaluation of your condition and an assessment of the contributing factors. And then your treatment at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers can improve your function and flexibility and reduce your back pain in the short and long term.

If you have been struggling with aches, pain or an inability to do what you enjoy, isn’t it time to choose a physical therapist at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers?

Why Choose Physical Therapy in Katy, TX for Back Pain Treatment?

Studies show that physical therapy, especially with treatment soon after the injury or onset of back pain, makes medications or surgery less likely in the longer term. The sooner you start back pain physical therapy treatments after your back starts to hurt, the more complete your recovery. 

About 4 out of 5 people have some back pain during their lives. Physical therapy sessions when you have pain provide significant short-term immediate relief and reduce the risk of problems later. Avoid having “a bad back” by getting treatment for pain as soon as possible. 

But many people already have a “bad back,” and chronic back pain impacts many daily activities. Fortunately, physical therapy also reduces chronic back pain. Dull aches and sharp radiating pains both respond to physical therapy in the short and long term. 

A system of muscles, vertebrae, discs, ligaments, nerves, and more requires special treatment to address your back for successful rehabilitation after injury or disease. Physical therapy addresses every element to reduce pain and swelling, eliminate muscle spasms, and improve your circulation.

Treatment Plans

Back pain has many causes and contributing factors, so your physical therapy treatment plan is designed to specifically address your condition. We evaluate your physical exam and medical history and then develop a plan for your recovery.

If you are looking for a physical therapist in Katy, TX, offering treatment for back pain relief, contact us at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers - Cinco Ranch, TX. We will help you get rid of your back pain to improve your quality of life.

Back Pain Physical Therapy FAQs 

What Causes Back Pain?

Many times, back pain comes on suddenly because of an accident, a fall, or after lifting something heavy incorrectly. Some people develop back pain more slowly because of degenerative spine changes that can be age-related. For some, arthritis or other medical conditions are the cause of their back pain.

What Do They Do at Physical Therapy for Back Pain?

After an assessment, physical therapists implement customized recovery plans designed for each patient’s condition. They usually combine several treatments for quicker, more thorough recovery from back pain. Patients most often respond well to hands-on manual therapy and supportive treatments within a comprehensive physical therapy regimen. Physical therapy treats the underlying causes by reducing pain and inflammation to improve function, increase flexibility, and build strength.

How Many Weeks of Physical Therapy for Back Pain?

After an injury, acute back pain generally responds quickly to physical therapy treatment. Most patients report feeling 80 to 90% better after about 6 weeks. Chronic pain patients require more ongoing physical therapy sessions for their back pain. After about 6 or 8 weeks of consistent physical therapy sessions, as you demonstrate steady progress, your PT may recommend dropping the weekly sessions from 2 to 3 times a week down to once a week. This encourages independent condition management and doing at-home therapeutic exercises.

How Often Should You Do Physical Therapy on Your Back?

Your physical therapist starts with a thorough assessment of your condition. Based on the results of that exam, they develop a custom program with a number of sessions per week individualized to your treatment goals. Discuss with your therapist about changing the number of sessions based on your symptoms if needed. Once your symptoms improve, your PT will likely recommend less frequent sessions.