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Fall Risk Assesement

With a rise of Fall Risk Awareness, many health care professionals are incorporating preventative measures. We equip our centers with top notch technology, such as our Bertec CDP macchine to determine the cause of your imbalance. This assists us in creating an individualized plan specific to your case, and determine the quickest and most efficient way to lead you down a road to recovery. ​

Vestibular Rehabilitation

At FYZICAL we specialize in Vestibular rehabilitation. Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise based program designed by a specialized physical therapist to improve balance and reduce dizziness-related problems.  Our team will develop a  treatment plan that will improve your ability to function in activities of everyday living, reduce your risk for falling, and,ultimately, improve your quality of life.

Safety Overhead System (S. O. S.)

At our Balance Centers  you will find an overhead harness support system (SOS). This consists of an overhead track and moveable trolly that allows the patient, while secured
in a simple body harness, the freedom to ambulate, perform functional types of activities, and fall with minimal risk of injury.

Check out Pete's story below to hear how the system helped him on his road to recovery and stability: