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We are excited to announce that we now offer Hyperice percussion and vibration therapy products at our Littleton location. We know foam rollers are great, but it is hard to beat the healing power of a massage. Percussion therapy concentrates targeted pulses of pressure into the muscle/tissue of the body, helping to relieve muscle pain, stiffness and soreness, and increase range of motion. And the best of all, these percussion massagers are a portable, powerful, one-time investment.

Hypervolt BT - Handheld Percussion Massage Device

Features three speeds of rapid percussion that can be changed with a single button, so you can cycle through whatever speed you need without interruption.

Hypervolt GO

Hypervolt GO - Handheld Percussion Massage Device

The small build and lightweight design allow for more versatility in how it's held and operated. Cycle through three speeds of rapid percussion without lifting a finger.


Venom - Wearable Vibration + Heat

The Venom Back focuses heat and vibration on your core. Since almost all athletic movement involves your core, the Venom Back is ideal for easing overall muscle soreness and stiffness in the body.

Hypersphere Mini - Compact Vibrating Massage Ball

Hypersphere Mini - Compact Vibrating Massage Ball

Perfect for travel, the TSA carry-on approved Hypersphere Mini targets your tightest areas with precision to help you move better wherever you roam.

Benefits of Percussion Therapy:

  • Accelerates warmup and recovery
  • Reduces muscle soreness and stiffness
  • Enhances muscle performance
  • Improves range of motion and flexibility
  • Increases blood flow to the area

Ask your therapist for more information about how these excellent Hyperice products could benefit you!