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"I started with constant pain that was 24/7. Nothing ridiculous, but annoying none the less. My head felt super heavy all the time, knots all over, couldn't bend over without wincing with pain in my neck. I tried a professional massage, chiropractor, neither of them helped anything at all. Dean showed me some simple exercises to do to strengthen the muscle and gave me a more detailed explanation of what was going on to understand. After doing these exercises just a few times, my neck pain is basically GONE. Feels like a giant relief, physically and mentally. Long story short it helped me and fixed the problem." Tommy H.

"I had a very hard time sleeping at night because of my right leg and left shoulder hurt all the time. I'm a type 2 diabetic and I could not get my sugar numbers under control for lack of sleep. Going to PT I to do exercise that I thought was really dumb, but I did them and it sure helped. I sleep all night with very little pain. The staff is great at their jobs. I couldn’t hold my left arm up to brush my hair without using my right hand to hold it up. Now I have no trouble at all. I keep doing the exercises I was given when I feel a little pain. I want to thank the PT's for all their hard wot with me, also thank you all for the sweet smiles.” Lillian S.

"The first time I arrived at therapy I was scared. I was desperate and afraid that I would never walk right again. I tried making light of my situation by telling the staff, just call me Herman Munster! After pre/post therapy and a lot of effort I am happy to say I no longer walk like Herman. The staff taught me with the proper exercises, patience and a positive attitude gives you the ability to accomplish anything. I couldn’t have done this without the wonderful staff at Fyzical Therapy and Balance. This experience has been very rewarding and I am truly grateful. Thank you.”        Sincerely Kathryn B.

"This has been a very positive experience for me. I have come a long way with squatting and holding my balance, as I could not do those, but now I can. I have also started sitting cross leg which I couldn't even attempt to do when I first got here. Having "homework" exercises did benefit me. Everyone here has a bright smile and it does affect everyone who comes in."   Jacqueline B.