Craniosacral Therapy

» Craniosacral Therapy :

Craniosacral therapy is a light touch technique that treats the core systems of our bodies to help relieve fascial tension. The goal of the therapy is to normalize the craniosacral rhythm and decrease overal tension. 

The craniosacral system's key function is the production, circulation, and reabsorption of cerebrospinal fluid. Fascia is like our "inner wet suit", covering all organs, tissues, bones, etc. in our body. By normalizing this rhythm, and releasing fascial tension, we can lessen pain and dysfunction throughout the body.

Craniosacral therapy can be helpful for a wide range of diagnoses, including (but not limited to): headaches, chronic pain in the low back, chronic pain in the neck, as well as aid in relaxation and gaining range of motion following surgery. 

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