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We are proud to offer remote, video therapy appointments with Telehealth!

Telehealth Physical Therapy (Telehealth PT) allows for our clinicians to focus on patient-centered outcomes for individuals who are observing social distancing protocols. Sessions are done remotely, through advanced and secure technologies, and brings the patient live video access to treatment in a private, one-on-one format. 

What does Telehealth at FYZICAL look like? 

During an online appointment, your clinician can discuss your current treatment plan, persistent issues, and any new pain or symptoms that have risen. Over video, your FYZICAL therapist can help you develop an exercise program you can do at home to help you maintain progress. These online sessions take place via our secure medical video conferencing format. 

Online FYZICAL visits include: 

  • One-on-one appointments
  • In-home instruction/assessment
  • Computer, Tablet, and Smartphone accessibility
  • Covered by many insurances
  • Cash-based rates and CareCreditFinancing available for out of network or self-pay patients.

Telehealth or In-Person Appointments? 

Many patients need or prefer the interaction of an in-person appointment, so our FYZICAL clinics remain open and available. However, at-risk individuals may benefit from a Telehealth appointment: 

  • Individuals in quarantine due to recent overseas travel or contact with someone with COVID-19
  • Individuals who are quarantined because of symptoms that include fever, cough, or trouble breathing
  • Individuals at risk of contracting COVID-19, including individuals over age 65, smokers, and those with underlying health issues, such as diabetes or asthma

Is Telehealth Safe? 

Yes! Telehealth is a safe and effective method of delivering outpatient therapy. In order to provide Telehealth to our patients, we must abide by strict HIPAA compliance policies and utilize a secure and encrypted platform for service. 

What should you know before your first Telehealth appointment? 

Using Telehealth is easy, much like using FaceTime, Skype, or other platforms you may use to videochat with loved ones or coworkers. Still, a little preparation can help make your Telehealth Appointment go even more smoothly: 

  • Beforeyour first online session, contact your FYZICAL to make sure you have the right equipment (just need a computer, tablet, or smartphoneto start!). 
  • Confirmyour appointment time.
  • Finda private place with minimal disruptions or distractions for your appointment.
  • Writedown any questions you may have beforehand and keep the list nearby during your online visit.
  • Keep a notebook with you during your appointment to write down specific instructions.

Stay on track, virtually!  

During your Telehealth sessions, your FYZICAL Therapist will design an individualized treatment plan that includes a home exercise program for you to do. It is essential to keep up with these exercises in between your appointment times, as it is a prescribed part of your care.  

We can discuss your home exercise program, any setbacks you may have experienced, educate you on body movements and monitor your progress, just like in our clinics.