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What is FYZICAL?

Our Holistic Approach

FYZICAL Camas offers holistic care for musculoskeletal pain and injuries, balance issues, dizziness and more. Our comprehensive and holistic approach allows our physical therapists to identify the contributing factors to your physical condition so we can prescribe the most effective treatment program. It is our mission to help you become a FYZICAL Success Story to help you Love Your Life!

Our Facility

FYZICAL Camas is complete with state-of-the-art equipment for treating orthopedic problems, balance disorders, neurological conditions, dizziness sports/work/auto injuries, and any aches or pains you might have.

Having such top-notch equipment enables our therapists to design the most advanced, effective rehabilitation programs anywhere. You'll feel right at home in our clean, inviting facility, with staff members who are ready and willing to help you at all times. Experience the FYZICAL difference today.