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What does Direct Access mean?

NO REFERRAL NEEDED! Direct Access means YOU have control over YOUR HEALTHCARE! As a patient, YOU have the opportunity to seek the care that you need, NOW. Direct Access to physical therapy means that you can receive an evaluation and treatment from a Physical Therapist without a physician’s referral or prescription. Of course your doctor is a valued member of your healthcare team and we will communicate the plan of care you and your Physical Therapist create to get you on the path to wellness. But you can avoid the delay of multiple appointments before getting the care you need by using Direct Access to physical therapy with FYZICAL Cedar Crest!

What does Direct Access to physical therapy mean for you?

What injuries/concerns can your Physical Therapist help with?

Does insurance pay for Direct Access physical therapy?

Most third-party insurance companies will cover your Direct Access physical therapy visits. Our team will check your benefits and explain your coverage during your evaluation visit.

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