What is Physical Therapy?

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What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is a specialty area of healthcare that focuses on limitations in functional mobility. Physical Therapy can be beneficial for people across all lifestages, all activity levels, and all general health conditions. 

Physical Therapy includes the evaluation, assessment and treatment of individuals who may be experiencing limitations in their mobility due to injury, illness, impairments, surgeries, etc. It is also for those who may be wanting to prevent injury, such as athletes, or those looking to maintain healthy muscle and bone function throughout life. 

For example, a toddler who isn't reaching regular developmental milestones, a collegiate athlete who is looking to prevent surgery, a 30-year old wanting to correct bad posture, a 50-year old who just had surgery, and a 70-year old recovering from a stroke will all benefit from Physical Therapy. 

What is a Physical Therapist? 

Our Physical Therapists are licensed in the state of Georgia to practice Physical Therapy services. Physical Therapists, or PTs for short, have either a Master's or clinical Doctorate Degree from an institution and have passed a licensing exam before they can practice. 

Physical Therapists may have certain specialties, such as Geriatrics, Neurology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Sports, Women's Health, and more. Our practice has Physical Therapists educated in all areas, so we can provide treatment for any problem you are seeking help with. 

Our therapists are always continuining in education, learning more specialties or taking courses to remain updated on new findings, technologies, methods, and research. 

Our physical therapists are here to partner with you in helping you move and feel better. Make sure to discuss what your own goals are for yourself as your start therapy so that we can support you in the best ways possible. 

During your therapy treatment, your physical therapist will educate you on your conditions and limitations, and help you understand why physical therapy is a good avenue of treatment for you. They will share at-home exercises for you to continue supporting your health and improvement outside of our clinic. 

If you have any questions about something your physical therapist is asking you to do, don't be afraid to ask! We are here to help you understand how our treatment is benefitting you and why it is important.