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FYZICAL is Now Offering Mobile Physical Therapy!

Highly skilled outpatient physical therapists providing 1-on-1 care from the comfort of your home!

What is Mobile Physical Therapy?

Think of it as an outpatient physical therapy house call for those who need a more convenient option to keep up with their plan of care and stay on track with their recovery goals! If you are unable to find a ride to the clinic, have a car in the shop for a few weeks, can’t find someone to watch the kiddos, struggle to leave the house for varying reasons but don’t qualify for home-health, prefer to social distance while continuing therapy from the comfort of your home, etc. we have you covered! Let our highly skilled outpatient physical therapists come to you! Mobile therapy is an extremely valuable option for some as it fills in the gap for individuals that cannot receive the hands-on therapy they need through telehealth but are unable to come into the clinic for a variety of reasons. Mobile therapy allows us to provide individualized treatment in your home, office, or wherever you are most comfortable, in order to help you stay active, healthy, and pain-free!

Benefits of Mobile Physical Therapy:

  • It is Convenient - We can make the most of your time by allowing you to avoid driving into the clinic and possibly disrupting your daily routine
  • Receive Undivided 1-on-1 Attention - During a Mobile Therapy appointment it is just you and the physical therapist with minimal distractions. We provide an individualized plan of care that we work on during your 1-on-1 hands-on treatment sessions
  • Personalized Care - Because we are working in your home environment we are able to tailor a plan of care to the unique daily challenges you face 
  • Receive Care from Outpatient Therapists - You are able to receive care from highly skilled outpatient therapists for a variety of conditions without leaving your home
  • Privacy - You can complete your 1-on-1 appointment from the comfort of your home without being surrounded by other individuals as you normally would be in a clinic setting
  • Continuity of Care - You have the ability to transition from Mobile PT to joining a therapist in the clinic without disruption of your care plan and rehabilitation goals. It also allows us to provide a combination of mobile therapy and in-clinic visits with individuals depending on their needs
  • No Transportation Needed - No need to go through the hassle of arranging transportation to the clinic as we can come to you
  • Our Therapists are Mobile - We can come to you whether it be in your home, office or assisted living facility
  • Covered by Insurance - Mobile Therapy visits are covered by insurance and are therefore the same cost as visiting the clinic 

How Mobile Physical Therapy Works:

Mobile physical therapy is very similar to in-clinic outpatient therapy. You will need a physical therapy referral from a medical provider or the ability to participate in Direct Access through your insurance company. We will then schedule you for an initial evaluation with a physical therapist who will meet with you and create a custom tailored plan of care to help achieve your goals.

All of our therapists have advanced training in orthopedic and vestibular conditions and are able to treat individuals with the following needs via mobile outpatient therapy: orthopedic rehabilitation and sports medicine, vestibular rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, as well as balance and fall prevention therapies. Our PTs are able to do nearly everything they can do in the clinic but from your home during a mobile therapy appointment including but not limited to hands-on manual therapy, pain relief modalities like dry needling, strength, flexibility and range of motion exercise instruction. Individuals whose plan of care includes use of our state-of-the-art equipment such as our Overhead Support System, Force Plates, Cardio machines, etc. may see more benefit from a combination of in-clinic and mobile outpatient therapy appointments. Our goal is to help you live an active, independent, and pain-free life by removing potential barriers so that physical therapy is as accessible and convenient as possible!

What is the Difference Between Mobile and Home Health Physical Therapy?

While mobile physical therapy and home health physical therapy are similar in that they are both performed in the comfort of an individuals home they are distinctly different services. The main difference being that mobile physical therapy does not require a “homebound” status to qualify for this service like is needed to qualify for home health physical therapy. With this being said mobile physical therapy cannot be performed if you are currently receiving any form of medical home health services. However, you can qualify for mobile physical therapy if you are receiving non-medical in-home services or if you have been discharged from home health physical therapy and are able to participate in outpatient treatment options. Our mobile therapy program allows us to bring our highly skilled outpatient therapists to you so you can remain in the comfort of your home.

We are NOT a home health agency. If you need skilled nursing or have a highly complex medical background that requires higher levels of supervision by a physician, then home health is most likely a more appropriate fit.

Please feel free to contact us at (719) 495-3133 if you have any questions or want to learn more about this new service!