Dry Needling Therapy (TPDNT)

» Dry Needling Therapy (TPDNT) :

Stimulating Self-Healing and Balance

Rely on the Systemic Integrative Dry Needling services at FYZICAL - Highlands Ranch for your soft tissue injuries and problems. We emphasize both local anatomy and system functional effects to treat local injuries and assure physiological and mechanical balance for the whole body.

Resolving Soft Tissue Dysfunction

Dry needling is not the same as acupuncture as we know it from traditional Chinese medicine. It is a non-specific neurophysiological-based therapy that treats soft tissue dysfunctions like inflammation, contracture, tissue adhesion, microcirculation, and edema to bring biomechanical balance to the musculoskeletal system.Dry Needling Can Prevent Injuries Like

  • Muscular avulsion
  • Fracture stress
  • Bone spur growth

Enhance Your Peak Performance

Because Systemic Integrative Dry Needling addresses neuroimmunological and neuromuscular mechanisms, patients can see improvements in their athletic abilities.

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