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For Sale

Items For Sale at In Motion

Come in and ask us about any of these products. We have competitive prices on everything.


We are a certified Biofreeze retailer. Biofreeze works on achy muscles, tendonitis and joint pain like arthritis and inflammation. Colorless Biofreeze is available at In Motion PT in a 4 oz. 360 degree spray, a 4 oz. Gel hands free applicator, and a 3 oz. Roll-on.

Theraband Products

Theraband has top of the line products that are durable and effective. We sell a wide variety including but not limited to: resistance tubing, flexbars, exercise balls, resistance loops, stretch straps and more.


great for tennis elbow

Resistance loops: 

Great for hip strength

Exercise ball:

Great for core stability

Stretch strap:

Great for flexibility

All are color coded: Yellow = light Red = medium Green = heavy Blue = extra heavy Black = special heavy Silver = super heavy

Trigger Point Rollers

The GRID foam roller is specially designed to replicate the hands of a massage therapist. The QUADBALLER provides deep compression and tissue release. The GRID STK is an innovation in hand-held foam rollers.

GRID STK Foam Roller   QuadBaller
GRID Foam Roller

Foam Rollers

We have both full and ½ foam rollers. They are great to use for rolling over tight muscles and the spine, to build balance, and for postural training.

Full Foam Roller

(6" diameter x 36" Long)

Half Foam Roller

(36" Long)

Spiky Fitballs

These are great to stimulate nerves and blood flow from hands to feet.

Blue: Small  6cm

Red: Medium 8cm

Cold Packs

Great re-useable gel packs you can keep in the freezer. They stay cold for at least 30 minutes

Large (11"x21")

Medium: Neck Pack 23" long

Hot & Cold Shoulder Wrap

Moist Heat

These are electrical moist hot packs! They have both a thermostat and timer to minimize overheating. We have small, medium and large sizes available.

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