Useful Links

» Useful Links :

Below you will find links to websites, services, or organizatoins that we are affiliated with or trust and highly reccomend.Therapy Links:

  • American Physical Therapy Association 

All physical therapists at In Motion are members of the APTA. Dr. Frantz is an active member of both the Orthopedic and Private Practice Sections and has been a member since September 2000. You can find information about the latest in physical therapy, the types of services that physical therapists can perform and you can even find information about practicing therapists in your area.

  • Florida Physical Therapy Association

A chapter of the APTA, the Florida Physical Therapy Association, is a great resource for you to find out local information about rules and regulations that impact physical therapy practices in the state of Florida. We are proud to be members and operate our business in the Jacksonville area.

  • Washington University School of Medicine - Program in Physical Therapy

Dr. Joanna Frantz, PT, DPT holds both a doctoral and masters degree from Washington University School of Medicine, Program in Physical Therapy, regularly ranked as the top physical therapy program in the United States. She earned her Master of Science in Physical Therapy in December 2002 and her Doctor of Physical Therapy in December 2007.

Business Links:

  • Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce 

In Motion Physical Therapy is a member of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce. On their site you will find a wide array of information about businesses and activities within the Jacksonville area. Learn something new about our community here! 

  • WebMD

Information on a wide array of medical conditions are available from this fantastic free site.  

  • Arthritis Foundation