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Physical Therapy Services in Lincoln, NE

At FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Lincoln, we offer a wide range of physical therapy services that empower you to achieve optimal physical health and well-being. Book an appointment today to take the first step toward a healthier, pain-free life.

Our Physical Therapy Services

Recover from an injury, manage a chronic condition, or seek preventative care with our comprehensive physical therapy services. Browse all of our services to find the right solution for your needs.

Balance Therapy

Our balance therapy service enables you to regain stability and prevent falls. We use evidence-based approaches to assess and treat balance issues, tailoring our techniques to your needs. If you’re suffering from vestibular disorders, our vestibular balance therapy provides immense relief.

Our therapists are skilled in diagnosing and treating conditions such as vertigo, dizziness, and other inner ear problems. Through a combination of exercises and manual techniques, we aim to restore your vestibular function and empower you to regain your equilibrium.

Whether you have experienced a fall or struggle with unsteadiness, our balance therapy empowers you to improve your coordination, strength, and overall stability. Learn more about our fall prevention solutions today.

Fitness & Wellness

Our fitness and wellness program goes beyond traditional physical therapy to ensure that you achieve peak performance and optimal health. Whether you're recovering from a sports injury or simply looking to enhance your fitness level, our sports rehab services empower you to reach your goals safely and effectively.

Our experienced therapists understand the specific demands of various sports and activities. We design customized rehabilitation programs to address your unique needs, whether you're a professional athlete or a weekend warrior.

Moreover, proper nutrition plays a vital role in supporting your rehabilitation and maximizing your athletic potential. Our team provides expert nutritional guidance to fuel your body for optimal performance and recovery.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Our orthopedic rehabilitation services are designed to assist you in recovering from musculoskeletal injuries, such as fractures, sprains, or surgeries. Our therapists are experienced in utilizing various techniques and exercises to aid in the healing process, reduce pain, increase range of motion, and improve strength.

We provide individualized treatment plans to treat your specific condition, promoting a fast and effective recovery. Learn more about our orthopedic physical therapy service today.

Dry Needling

As part of our orthopedic rehabilitation services, we offer dry needling to relieve muscle pain and tightness. This technique involves inserting fine needles into specific trigger points, which releases tension and promotes healing.

Our therapists are trained in this effective method and will determine if dry needling is suitable for your condition. Learn more about this therapy today.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Our neurological rehabilitation program is designed to assist you in recovering from conditions affecting the nervous system, such as strokes, spinal cord injuries, or brain injuries. Our therapists are specialized in neurorehabilitation techniques for regaining function, improving mobility, and enhancing overall quality of life.

We provide a supportive and compassionate environment to ensure the best possible outcomes. Learn more about neurological physical therapy today.

Accelerate Your Recovery with Personalized Physical Therapy Services

Your recovery journey is unique. That’s why the physical therapy services at FYZICAL Lincoln are personalized to meet your specific needs and goals.

Our dedicated and experienced team of therapists work closely with you to create a customized treatment plan that addresses your individual challenges and maximizes your chances for a successful recovery.

With our specialized services, you’ll accelerate your recovery and get back to living your life to the fullest. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and begin your journey to a healthier, more active lifestyle.