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***GenuEase Device***

We are excited to announce that we have the GenuEase state-of-the-art knee rehabilitation device.  GenuEase was designed for post-operative total knee replacement care, allowing for patients to mechanically bend and straighten their own knees so they can be guided by their own pain and fully engaged in their own recovery.  GenuEase provides patients faster ROM recovery with fewer complications and greater satisfaction.  The device allows for ROM gains of -5 degrees to 135 degrees with precision, and with digital guidance of every degree of motion gained for intrinsic motivation, while the patient is in full control.  Typical methods of self and manual stretching for knee ROM cause muscle guarding due to anxiety of anticipation of pain, leading to poor ROM gains early in the rehabilitation process.  GenuEase can also be used for all post-operative knee surgeries, and for patients who have contractures from chronic knee pathologies.

For more information about this device or to see it used in action, please refer to or feel free to stop into our facility and check it out in person.


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Our centers are passionate about healing patients, but our primary concern/goal/motivator is prevention. We are part of a movement to lead the charge to transform healthcare from one of “sick care” to “well care” by providing services focused on quality outcomes, total well-being, and prevention.

Only through PREVENTION can we stop the body from breaking down, INTERVENTION to preemptively identify potential problems, change BEHAVIOR to reduce the 15 highest costs to healthcare, EDUCATE our patients about proper nutrition and exercise, and through integration of TECHNOLOGY to advance the efficiency and power of healing our patients.