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If you’ve ever suffered from a shoulder injury, you know how painful and debilitating it can be. Even simple everyday tasks such as pushing, pulling and reaching can take a toll on your shoulders.

Not only can the pain hinder your ability to perform daily activities, but it may be a sign that you have a deeper injury. Getting the right treatment as quickly as possible is necessary to maintain maximum mobility.

"Before Physical Therapy, I was unable to reach a high shelf, reach behind me or to my side without significant discomfort. Now Since completing therapy, these activities and many more are much easier. Therapy has made my life and everyday activities MUCH easier."
~Lea Wilkinson

What Is Shoulder Pain?

The 3 most common causes of shoulder pain are:

     1)Rotator cuff injury/impingement – This included rotator cuff tendinitis, bursitis and tears. It can be caused by repetitive reaching and lifting, lifting something too heavy or falling. In this case, pain is usually felt in the outer shoulder and can travel down the outer arm to the elbow. You may have difficulties reaching over shoulder level, across your body and behind your back. 
     2)Arthritis – This occurs over time due to wear and tear especially in people who use their arms alot over time. Pain is this case is usually a general ache and all movementment could be painful and limited. Poor posture and muscle weakness as we age usually makes this worse. 
     3)The neck – Neck problems can often cause pain in your shoulder. Pain in this case can be on the top of the shoulder, the shoulder blade or in the arm. It may be accompanied by a burning, tingling and/or numbness.

Knowing what is causing your pain is important in deciding what is the best way to treat it. One of the best diagnostic tools to use is Ultrasound Imaging. It is 92% accurate in diagnosing tendinitis and tears.  

How Physical Therapy Can Help Shoulder Pain?

If you’re experiencing pain or injury in your shoulders, we can evaluate your shoulder with Ultrasound Imaging to find out what is causing your pain. 

Based in the results. the we would then put together an individualized treatment plan to relieve pain and restore mobility. Our focus is on Hands-on therapies that has been found to help with pain, loosen tightness and speed up the healing process. This includes:

     1) Miracle Wave - Acoustic or Radial Shock wave
     2)Myofascial Decompression - Medical cupping
     3)IASTM - scraping
     4)Myofascial release
     5)Trigger Point release

Combined with the right exercises, we aim ot help you feel less pain, improve mobility and improve strength so you can get better quicker and get back to loving your life.

Even if you have tried therapy before, our innovative new model of shoulder treatment could help you. 

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