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"Meghan was very helpful in helping me with my balance and outlook in life. My Balance improved and I feel more steady. Thanks to all at FYZICAL. Very Kind prople."

Rose Mattavi

"I came here due to experiencing vertigo, which turned into other eye and neck issues. Although we never really got a diagnosis, that never stopped the team at FYZICAL from helping me. Through many trials, my health got better. I went from having trouble getting out of bed and constant dizziness to almost feeling like my normal self again. I owe every bit of success to the Team at FYZICAL. I can now go about my every day life without any difficulties. Ting also set me up with w great home program that I will continue to do for a very long time. I also appreciated the willingness of the FYZICAL Team to lend me materials/equipment throoughout my therapy to use at home until I could find/buy them myself. I do not think I will ever be able to thank Ting and the Team at FYZICAL enough for everything they have done for me over the past few months. I will forever be greatful!"

Tracy Cechak

"I've been coming to FYZICAL for almost 2 years for rehab for successive injuries. I have had the best Therapists (Love my Beth) and all the staff are like family to me now. I couldn't tie my apron behind my back prior to my latest injury and now I am almost completely normal. The COVID-19 shutdown was a challenge, but with the telehealth appointments, my therapy never stopped. I recommend FYZICAL to everyone in need of therapy. There is no better place in the area!"

Julie Gallagher

"I fell off a ladder onto a cement retaining wall in 2018. I went to the ER and nothing was done to help me. I went to a chiropractor who did all she could and said I should try going to FYZICAL. When I walked in, I was was bent over and in great pain in the back and leg. After my evaluation, I was treated by Amy. I must say after my first day I could feel life coming back into my leg. The whole team at FYZICAL were very kind and never made you do anything that hurt but made me feel good allover. Its funny but I looked forward to going in for it was the highlight of my week. After I was released from PT, I ended coming back in and joining the gym and I feel so much better. Thanks to all the wonderfull people at FYZICAL. God bless you all."

Norman Davidson

"I came to FYZICAL after surgery on my hip. From the start, coming here was a pleasure. Ting and his staff were fabulous. My Program was customized to my needs and I progressed quickly. I was very happy with my Therapy and would refer anyone who needs therapy to come to FYZICAL. The gym is beautiful, clean and there is plenty of machines and cardio equipment. Thanks for getting me back to my normal activities."

Lynn Feola

"My Friend referred me to FYZICAL and during my first visit I was convinced I came to the right place. As my therapy began I knew that none of the other places I had been to before came close to the therapists here at FYZICAL Therapy!! The care and compassion given to me helped me through my sessions. They were always teaching and improving what was needed and helpful to the improvements I feel today. Thank you FYZICAL for helping me reach my goals."

Irene Slebodnick

"I went to an orthopedist after experiencing shoulder pain. He ordered physical therapy at a facility close by. This therapist was not good. He had me doing exercises which resulted in more pain. He would not listen and the pain got worse. I then went to my family physician and an MRI was taken which showed a complete rotator cuff tendon tear. He sent me to an excellent, caring surgeon who did rotator cuff surgery. I needed to go to physical therapy after surgery and made another unwise choice. The end result was a frozen shoulder.  Both these therapy businesses did not really care if you were improving. They wanted you in and out. After going back to my surgeon for a checkup, he was extremely upset with the frozen shoulder and he thought I would possibly need further surgery. He wanted to try more therapy first but instructed me to never go back to the previous facility. I had no idea where to go and asked the surgeon for his recommendations. This was when I met Ting Oh, physical therapist. What a difference in the therapy! My therapy was designed around me and my needs. Ting worked very hard to free my shoulder but due to it being frozen for so long, my surgeon did another procedure, a manipulation under anesthesia. I started physical therapy again the next day. Due to the intense physical therapy and home exercises which Ting designed, I now have an amazing shoulder. I have full range of motion. I cannot say how thankful I am. I feel if I had come to Ting first, I would have avoided agonizing pain and a needless procedure. I would highly recommend Ting as a physical therapist and in the future I would not go to anyone else. I learned a very hard lesson, but that is the past. Ting and FYZICAL Therapy is a very special place to me and my family."

Fey Stein

"I have been coming to FYZICAL for years now. I have multiple issues. Always get great care and feel so much better by the time I am done. When I need PT, This is the only place I come."

Nancy Karmonick

"I had pain in my right shoulder when moving it to reach a high shelf, close the rear hatch on my SUV, when using the mouse and putting a shirt over my head. Now I can do all of these things. I also enjoyed coming in to be with the staff. Now I am going to join the gym."

Marilyn Bozar

"My story began when I took a fall and seriously injured my shoulder. My injuries caused me to need surgery. My rehab at FYZICAL has been amazing. What started as me thinking I'll never be able to use my shoulder again to being able to return to my employment as strong if not stronger. I can't speak any more highly of the staff a FYZICAL. They are friendly, supportive and professional. I recommend FYZICAL Hazleton to anyone needing rehab."

Richard Spiker

"Since I began Therapy my pain has dramatically improved. I had suffered with foot/ankle pain for 6 years. It was not until I came to FYZICAL Therapy that I finally obtained relief. I am back to my daily actvities. Therapy did the job! Everyone was great. Thanks so much."

Monica Stauffer

"Before Coming here, I could only sit in certain chairs, travel short distances and need help with everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning , laundry and shopping. Now after my sessions and some unusual and unique tips I strongly feel I have gotten past "just functioning" to absolutely better!!!"

-Mary Grohol

"I came with severe pain on my left back and leg and could not do what I usually do at home. With PT here it has improved greatly. The severe pain is gone"

Joanne Suglia

My overall experience has been extraordinary. Everyone is friendly, polite and very knowledgable. I would highly recommend FYZICAL to anyone needing any type of Physical Therapy.

Norman Weigand