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Oklahoma Owned, Nationally Known

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers of Oklahoma City

Our Story

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers is a medically and scientifically-based physical therapy and fitness organization with a broad range of expertise. The FYZICAL family is made up of independent practice owners across the United States. 

Locally, FYZICAL Oklahoma City is owned by Drs. Sean & Lauren Peterson, an Oklahoma family working to ensure better health for Oklahoma City and beyond. We opened FYZICAL Oklahoma City in October of 2018 after recognizing 3 core health deficits that need to be addressed in and around Oklahoma:

First, Oklahomans need Pain Relief. As an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic, we are focused on

1. Relieving Pain,

2. Restoring Strength and Motion, AND

3. Returning you to optimal functioning.

Physical Therapy is often the most effective, and cost effective, treatment for musculoskeletal dysfunction including back and neck pain. And our clinic is set-up to help you Love Your Life!

Second, Oklahomans are an aging population. Unfortunately, aging is often associated with musculoskeletal and sensory balance deficits. With balance deficits comes an increased risk of falling. FYZICAL Oklahoma City is committed to Fight the Falls, throughout our great state. This is why we are the only physical therapy clinic in Oklahoma City to have the NASA developed Bertec Immersive Virtual Reality System (Computerized Dynamic Posturography). Responding to the needs of our aging population, especially those suffering from balance insufficiencies and Falls risk is a core part of our mission at FYZICAL Oklahoma City

Third, stemming from very personal experience, FYZICAL Oklahoma City is a leader in the treatment of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. During pregnancy with my second child, I (Dr. Lauren Peterson) suffered from the effects of pelvic floor dysfunction. Fortunately, I was able to recover through pelvic floor physical therapy. I recognized the value of a pelvic floor physical therapist provides for women’s and men’s quality of life. Everyone deserves to have a safe effective treatment of their pelvic floor dysfunction and as a trained pelvic floor physical therapist, I now treat incontinence, prolapse, and pelvic pain full-time.

Our Therapy Team

Our physical therapists have advanced clinical education and training, speciality certifications and years of experience providing hands-on healing - with an emphasis on establishing whole-body wellness - for thousands of patients across the nation. FYZICAL's therapists continually respond to advances in research, technology, science and health care. Beyond the degree and licensing required by law, we certify our 'FYZICALIST™' to meet the highest standards in the industry. Only then can they provide you with service. A core requirement for all our therapists is a loving, caring and helpful personality.

Our Location

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers are complete with state-of-the-art strength and cardio equipment for treating orthopedic problems, neurological conditions, sports injuries, balance disorders and any aches or pains you might have.

Having such top-notch equipment enables our therapists to design the most advanced, effective rehabilitation programs anywhere. You'll feel right at home in our clean, inviting facility, with staff members who are ready and willing to help you at all times. Experience the FYZICAL difference today.

Beyond Our 4 Walls

Our facility is meant to be inviting and supportive in your Healthcare Journey, but we recognize that not everyone is going to be able to come to us in person. This is why in March of 2020 we extended our facility online and began to offer the same quality Physical Therapy treatment to remote patients through Telehealth Physical Therapy. We have already been able to help older adults sheltering in place, mothers with pelvic floor dysfunction who have young children at home, and those in more rural parts of Oklahoma who cannot make it regularly to our Oklahoma City Facility.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing effective, efficient, and high-quality therapy services through compassionate care.

Our Vision

To be the therapy provider of choice to the physicians, people, and community we serve, for all orthopedic, neurologic, geriatric, and pelvic floor disorders.

To realize this vision, we shall:

• Provide a highly professional and friendly environment that is conducive to the optimum healing of body, mind and spirit.
• Develop a therapy program and plan of care that is specifically designed to suit your individual needs, bearing in mind the uniqueness and abilities of each individual.
• Utilize a hands-on approach that is proven to help relieve pain and enhance mobility.
• Work with you and your physician as a team to provide the best care that will return you to your highest level of pain-free function in the shortest time possible.

If you would like to schedule a tour or make an appointment for physical therapy, call (405) 400-8909.