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After listening to your needs, I am introducing a new dimension to our health and wellness programs. Many of you are asking me:

  • What nutritional supplements should I be taking?
  • What supplements are best for certain conditions, such as joint pain and arthritis?
  • Do any of my supplements interfere with my medications?
  • How do I know if my supplements are the best quality?

I am therefore proud to provide you with a state-of-the-art, comprehensive nutritional program that will solve these issues and place you on the right tack for optimal health – all part of my philosophy of integrated care!

After careful research and exploration, I have chosen nutraMetrix® - Custom Wellness Solutions for my practice. Below are some of the services I now offer:

  • A complete line of the highest quality nutritional supplements designed by health professionals, available exclusively at healthcare practices
  • Isotonic capable supplements – great tasting supplements that when mixed with the appropriate amount of water, provide superior delivery for many nutrients, without the binders and fillers often found in over-the-counter drugstore brands
  • A 21st century genetic test to determine the best supplements for you based on your genetic variations
  • A comprehensive, low glycemic index-based weight management system - TLS Weight Loss Solution. Unlike diets, this is designed for a lifetime of successful weight management and better health
  • Educational programs and printed materials to keep you up to date
  • The convenience of ordering your supplements from a website on your home computer or mobile device
  • The choice for you to set an automated 30-day or 90-day reorder schedule for ultimate convenience, or the option to pick up here at the clinic

I feel confident you will tremendously benefit from the quality and convenience of this new nutritional program; just ask how you can best take advantage of this advanced, science-based nutritional program!

Click here to browse our recommended supplements. As always, please feel free to contact us if you have questions about which supplements are right for you.

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