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What is Telehealth Physical Therapy?

Telehealth physical therapy uses technology to deliver an in-person experience at a distance.

Our telehealth physical therapists can evaluate and assess your injury or other physical therapy concern virtually! They can prescribe and modify your exercises and home program though a HIPAA compliant platform, and get you back to activity faster.

How can Telehealth Physical Therapy benefit me?

Telehealth physical therapy will help you learn how to exercise in your own home environment. We have found that you retain what you learn better, when you learn it in the environment where you are going to use it. It also gives your physical therapist the opportunity to see your environment, such as your desk set up, and allows more specific feedback and instructions on how to improve posture, positioning, or other strategies that help you manage your physical therapy concern.

While Telehealth physical therapy obviously cannot include any hands-on work, you can derive benefit from it for almost any physical therapy problem.

Examples of conditions or situations where a virtual visit is convenient and effective:

  • Acute injuries where leaving your house or traveling may be difficult e.g. acute ankle sprain or back pain
  • Restrictive work schedules where time lost to travel is prohibitive
  • Management of chronic conditions where checking in with your physical therapist from time to time helps keep you on track and functioning at your best
  • You are unable to leave your house e.g. Shelter in Place
  • You would like your physical therapist to asses how you exercise and function in your home environment

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