VR Training

Virtual Reality Vestibular Balance Therapy

Virtual Reality Vestibular Balance Therapy

VR Training for Fall Prevention

Virtual reality (VR) has become an essential tool in the assessment and treatment of vestibular disorders by offering a compact all-in-one tool for comprehensive patient management. VR therapy can assess a wide range of balance and proprioception disorders, regardless of the cause.

Balance is governed by three sensory inputs: Somesthesic (proprioception), Visual, and Vestibular. VR training can activate your cerebral cortex and improve your spatial orientation capacity, which improves your balance control and increases your motion function.

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Our VR Physical Therapy for Balance

Embark on a groundbreaking journey towards enhanced balance and improved well-being with PhysioVR and Motion VR for fall prevention.


True Sensory Immersion

Experience the physical presence of environments, which facilitates sensory integration crucial for balance restoration.

Diversion of Attention

Engage in immersive entertainment to redirect focus, aiding in the recovery of movement and amplitude.

Pain Reduction

Harness the power of immersive experiences to alleviate discomfort and enhance comfort during therapy sessions.

Motivational Entertainment

Find renewed motivation through immersive entertainment. This drives sustained engagement and progress.

Adaptive Progression

Benefit from constant and precise adaptation tailored to your progress, which ensures optimal rehabilitation outcomes.

Autonomous Work

Empower yourself with the ability to engage in autonomous yet controlled exercises, fostering independence in your recovery journey.

Motion VR

The Dynamic Posturography and Rehabilitation platform, MotionVR, reduces overall rehabilitation time. Your physical therapist can set the amplitude and speed limits axis by axis for an earlier recovery of proprioception in complete safety.

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